The New Google Pixel XL Android Phone

Fans of the Nexus variety, you can now recoil as Google's renowned Nexus variety is dead. If you're interested in the Pure Android experience as Google envisions it, you need not fret as the Google Pixel and Pixel XL bring with them numerous of the very same qualities.

Using a Pure Android experience paired with the brand-new AI-based Google Assistant, does the Pixel XL have enough to stick out versus a variety of mobile phones, both running Android and not? Will the generic style discourage users far from Google's flagship or should you look past it to any goodies that may lie within?

With the Galaxy Note 7 now consigned to a sudden death, are the Pixel and Pixel XL the ideal replacement? Let's learn in this, our Google Pixel and Pixel XL evaluation.

Let's attend to the elephant in the space-- the Pixel XL is essentially the closest you'll ever concern an iPhone running Android. Someplace in Cupertino, there's most likely to be a group of attorneys putting over Google's most current flagship and taking a look at every patent, which is most likely exactly what Google did when creating this style.

By method of contrast, the Nexus line-up has actually constantly used wacky, distinct styles (though in some cases carefully motivated by Google's partner OEMs styles) that stuck out among a sea of competitors, and the generic style of the Pixel XL eliminates this. The front specifically does not stand apart at all, and you might quickly error it for another generic smart device, particularly with the bottom chin underneath the screen basically being lost area.

The style itself is nearly specific to be the most polarizing aspect of the Pixel XL and personally, I'm on the fence. While the style was generic initially, it has actually absolutely grown on me however at the very same time, I do miss out on the wacky style of the Galaxy Note 7 and S7 Edge. With a lot of Android mobile phones on the marketplace, Google is mainly depending on its marketing push and word of mouth to assist the Pixel XL stand apart as it's not likely lots of users will choose this handset based upon its style.

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On the back, there's a mix of a matte metal surface and a shiny plastic surface in the upper half of the back, and it's a diverse mix, which leaves a lot to the creativity. The matte part of the surface offers welcome grip while the shiny part includes among the couple of components that make the Pixel XL stand apart. The back likewise houses the finger print sensing unit, which is rather stylish however more on that later on, and Google's G logo design, which changes the Nexus logo design of old.

Walking around the remainder of the phone and on the right, you've got the power and volume buttons, which are rather stiff, yet simple to press. Left wing, you've got the single SIM card tray and for those utilized to double SIM and/or microSD card growth on other Android phones, neither of these is offered on the Pixel XL. Up top is the earphone jack while at the bottom is the USB Type-C port, single speaker and microphone.

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The construct of the Pixel XL leaves a lot to be preferred for me; regardless of not being dropped at all because I've had it, there are a couple of damages on the body currently and a couple of scratches. In a quote to guarantee the software application and cam aspects are fantastic, it does appear that Google has actually cut corners with the style, a minimum of in my viewpoint, and truthfully, I would not anticipate these issues from a flagship, not to mention one that costs as much as the Pixel XL does.